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Volume 2 Number 1, March 2018

Original Research Article

Assessment of the Financial Information Disclosures of Pension Fund Administrators in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

R. O. Salawu, B. M. Ololade,
Tax Revenue and Economic Growth in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

O. Obaretin, N. Ohonba,
Federally Collected Tax Revenue and Economic Growth of Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis    HTML | Fulltext

U. C. Charles, M. C. Ekwe, J. U.B. Azubike,
Self-Assessment, Electronic-Taxation Payment Systems and Revenue Generation in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

F. Olurankinse, O. E. Oladej,
Capital Structure and Firm Financial Performance    HTML | Fulltext

G. E. Oyedokun, K. A. Job-Olatuji, W. A. Sanyaolu,
Accounting Conservatism and Information Asymmetry    HTML | Fulltext

O. J. Odia, H. O. Osazevbaru,
IFRS Adoption, Firms’ Characteristics and the Timeliness of Financial Information    HTML | Fulltext

E. Oshodin, O. J. Ikhatua,
Good Governance and Personal Income Tax Compliance in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

A. E. Okoye, P. A. Isenmila, A. I. Oseni,
Value Relevance of Accounting Information: The Moderating Effect of Timeliness    HTML | Fulltext

B. A. Akadakpo, M. C. Mgbame,
Security Prices as Markov Processes: Some Evidence on the Random Character of Stock Prices in the Nigeria Bourse    HTML | Fulltext

E. J. Idolor, O. Okoro, A. G. Braimah,
Auditor Independence and Audit Quality    HTML | Fulltext

I. E. Ogbeide, I. Okaiwale, D. Ken-Otokiti,
Entrepreneurship Studies and Effective Business Management Practices among Graduates of Tertiary Institutions in Edo State    HTML | Fulltext

A. O. Oriazowalan, B. A. Agbonifoh,
Determinants of Aggregate Savings in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

A. I. Imoisi, C. Iyafekhe, F. O. Ezeibekwe,
Volatility Transmission and Spillovers: A Review of Literature    HTML | Fulltext

J. U.J. Onwumere, A. G. Braimah, E. J. Idolor,
Supply Chain Integration and Organisational Performance in the Upstream Oil and Gas Firms in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

V. O. Erakpotobo,


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