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Volume 6 Number 1, March 2022

Original Research Article

Artificial Intelligence in Accounting for Revenue Generation in Nigeria: A Post-Covid-19 Impact Analysis    HTML | Fulltext

Bala Abdulrahman Sani, Adekunle A Adeyemi, Olarewaju Taophic Bakare,
Value Added Tax, Revenue Generation and Economic Growth in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Victor C Odu,
Determinants of Audit Fees in Nigerian Banks    HTML | Fulltext

Olugboyega Sunday Kajola, Jayeola Olabisi, Akanbi Abiola Tonade, Osindero Taofeek Agbatogun,
Taxation in Period of Economic Crisis: Lessons for Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Ilemona Alfred Sani,
Effect of Data Gathering and Analysis on Decision Making among Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises    HTML | Fulltext

Abraham Ayodele Ojo-Agbodu, Adeola Khadijat Idowu, Ajibare Oluyemi Adedayo,
Revenue Generation and Performance in Local Governance in Nigeria: A Survey of People’s Perception in Selected Local Government Areas of Edo State    HTML | Fulltext

Mikhelovba E Braimoh, Uchenna Anthony Onuoha,
Board Characteristics and Timeliness of Financial Reporting    HTML | Fulltext

Onyinye Roselyn Ashibuogwu,


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