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Volume 3 Number 2, June 2019

Original Research Article

Liquidity and Profitability Dynamics: Evidence from the Nigerian Banking Sector    HTML | Fulltext

S. O. Kajola, W. A. Sanyaolu, A. Alao, O. J. Ojunrongbe,
Stand Out: Women Leadership Behaviours and Organisational Performance    HTML | Fulltext

R. K. Dickson,
Tax Compliance and Personal Income Tax Perceived Performance in Oyo State    HTML | Fulltext

T. A. Adegbite, F. H. Taiwo, F. E. Araoye,
Board Characteristics and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

G. O. Oyedokun,
Firm Size, Age, and Entrepreneurial Performance    HTML | Fulltext

O. Okunbo, M. E. Oghuvwu,
Determinants of the Adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards in Lagos State    HTML | Fulltext

I. A. Oyewobi, R. O. Salawu,
Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Employees’ Compensation    HTML | Fulltext

A. S. Adeusi, O. E. Igbekoyi, O. V. Ologun,
Accounting Records and the Performance of Small and Medium Scale Industries (A Case of Karu L.G.A. of Nasarawa State)    HTML | Fulltext

I. Idewele,
Ethical Accounting Practices and Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from Listed Firms in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

S. Mubaraq, M. Abdulrasaq, M. Saidu,
Taxation and Economic Growth in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

N. O. Dibia, J. C. Onwuchekwa,


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