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Volume 2 Number 2, June 2018

Original Research Article

Determinants of Cyber Fraud Investigation in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

S O. Abu, O. M. Lateef, J. Echobu,
Auditor’s Independence and Audit Quality: An Empirical Study    HTML | Fulltext

M. M. Aliu, J. Okpanachi, N. A. Mohammed,
Corporate Governance and the Market Value of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

H. S. Ahmad, M. M. Sallau,
Income Statement Preparation by Small and Medium    HTML | Fulltext

O. S. Obeki, B. Bila,
Ownership Structure and Earnings Management: Evidence from Nigerian Listed Firms    HTML | Fulltext

G. A. Ekpulu, A. S. Omoye,
Debt Management and Economic Development in Nigeria (1981-2016)    HTML | Fulltext

M. U. Eyide, U Nzewi,
Treasury Single Account and Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

H. I. Owie, U. D. Wilson-Oshilim, K. J. Onuora,
Antecedents of Environmental Disclosure in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

A. S. Omoye, U. D. Wilson-Oshilim,
The Inter-Play between Financial Ratios and Stock Market Prices of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

I. N. Edem, M. C. Ekwe, J. U. B. Azubike,
Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

K. Ajose, G. E. Oyedokun,
Security Prices as Markov Processes: Some Evidence on the Random Character of Stock Prices in the Nigerian Bourse    HTML | Fulltext

E. J. Idolor, O. Okoro, G. B. Abdul,
Determinants of Auditor Choice in Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

J O. Eniola, C. O. Ajayi,


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