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Volume 2 Number 4, December 2018

Original Research Article

Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in Nigerian Financial Sector    HTML | Fulltext

N. Umoh-Daniel, R. O. Urhoghide,
Corporate Governance and Audit Fees of Listed Pharmaceutical Firms in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

T. S. Orshi, O. O. Ekundayo, J. Samuel,
Corporate Board and Classification Shifting of Earnings Management: Evidence from Non-financial Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa    HTML | Fulltext

H. I. Orjinta, E. I. Okoye,
Leader-Member Exchange and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour    HTML | Fulltext

C. Omobude, E. Umemezia,
Creative Accounting Practices and Shareholders’ Wealth    HTML | Fulltext

K. O. Bankole, I. O. Ukolobi, O. F. McDubus,
Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Firm Performance    HTML | Fulltext

M. E. Oghuvwu, M. P. Okuwhere,
Trade Union Organising and Recruitment System of Domestic Workers in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

J. C. Ngwama, G. Ogunlusi, J. Amuno,
Value-Added Tax and Economic Growth: New Evidence from Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

J. A. Okoror, E. A. Onatuyeh,
Influence of Accounting Information on Stock Price Volatility in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

E. Uniamikogbo, E. O. Ezennwa, E. Bennee,
Public Sector Accounting Fraud in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

J. K. J. Onuora, E. B. Akpoveta, D. J. Agbomah,


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