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Volume 3 Number 3, September 2019

Audit Firm Tenure, Audit Firm Size and Financial Reporting Quality of Listed Insurance Companies in Nigeria    HTML | PDF

Ahmed A. Abubakar, Abdulrahman N Abbas,

Original Research Article

CEO Attributes and Timeliness of Financial Reporting    HTML | Fulltext

Uyioghosa Obazee, Faith O. Amede,
Companies Income Tax and Infrastructural Development in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

C. J. Uwaleke, J. A. Okoror, M. A. Mainoma,
Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Listed Conglomerates in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

S. J. Musa,
Corporate Taxes on Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

P. Onyeabo, J. U. Azubike, J. Ebieri,
Determinants of Key Audit Matters Disclosure    HTML | Fulltext

M. E. Oghuvwu, A. C. Orakwue,
Return on Assets and Market Stock Prices of Quoted Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

E. O. Oladutire, W. H. Agbaje,
The Types of Fear Experienced or Prevalent in the Nigerian Workplace    HTML | Fulltext

R. O. Dania, Anthony Inegbenebor,
Impairment Charges and Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

C. Akonye, E. I. Okoye,
Forensic Audit and Fraud Detection and Prevention in the Nigerian Banking Sector    HTML | Fulltext

E. Uniamikogbo, A. S. Adeusi, U. C. Amu,


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